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Bosch Türkiye | Bosch Türkiye

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Bosch Türkiye

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Bosch Türkiye

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   Bosch San. ve Tic. A.�.
   Ahi Evran Cad. No:1 Maslak
   gulden.kinayman |mail|
   + 90-212-3350600-
   + 90-212-3460045

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NIC Handle		: ss1790-metu
Person			: Susanne Schaub
Address			: Wernerstrasse 51
			  Out of Turkey,
Phone			: + 49-711-8113226-
Fax			: + 49-711-8115110

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NIC Handle		: hb450-metu
Person			: Hostmaster Bosch
Address			: CI/OSI Wernerstr. 51
			  Out of Turkey,
Phone			: + 49-711-8110-
Fax			: + 

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NIC Handle		: dv125-metu
Person			: Dbms Verisign
Address			: 636 Ellis St
			  Mountain View, CA
			  Out of Turkey,94043
			  United States of America
Phone			: + 1-866-9073267-
Fax			: + 1-650-9633266-

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